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Chuck M

Was in 5th or 6th grade for Mercury flight.
was working in a full service truck stop and ducked into the trucker;s lounge to catch the moon landing in 1969,


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Or remembering exactly where they were at 10:56 pm EDT on 20 July 1969.

(And yes, I did that from memory.)


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Bet more people than me can remember watching John Glenn and Mercury launch.  


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Yes!  The Dragon flew!  And it was specatular.  I watched on NASA TV since there were clouds between us and the Cape.  Normally we can watch from our driveway.

You can't imagine how much this means to central Florida to have our manned space launchs back.  When the shuttle program was shut down, the whole space coast went into really severe economic decline.  Thousands of jobs were just gone.  And they weren't service industry jobs.  They were high tech and high skill with high pay.  Ramping up the USA Space Program again is a major event!  There has been a steady increase in jobs and the economy since they announced the Return To Space program.  No more shipping millions and millions of dollars per ride to the ISS to Russia.  We'll get to keep those dollars at home where they belong!  God Bless the USA and our space program!

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