TDW Propagation

Jim K5SP

From the appearance of my waterfall last evening, the tale of poor propagation is a myth.  There were several traces on 20, and 40 was almost wall to wall with traces.  It appears that on day to day operation, the lack of propagation is caused by lack of operation.

It was great to contact old friends, and some new ones.  Lots of strong signals here, but, I was only using 20 watts, and was either not heard by some stations, or, was overpowered by others when trying to get a contact.  Two more days and I will be there off and on during the day due to commitments.

We MUST use our portion of the band plan or it will be overtaken by other modes, as bandwidth is at a premium.  Those infamous FT8 operators are already trying to zoom down like a hawk after a rabbit on 20 and 40 meters.  They have already completely taken over 17 meters forcing us to drop to 18.097 to get around their operating. 

PSK is a great mode, we have a lot of fun using it, and can converse with old and new friends at length.  I know everyone cannot operate every day, but, get on the bands as often as you can, use the bandwidth, and it will remain in PSK operators hands.

Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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