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N9JCA Chris Matthews <chris.n9jca@...>

Any one available for a test run on 40M

just put up a new antenna running 20W

Thanks in advance

Chris N9JCA


On 5/28/20 4:26 AM, stan robinson wrote:
For our new members, see the 070 Recommended Frequency List below. 

Use this as a guide during the upcoming Three Day Weekend Contest - TDW

Note that all 070 Contests will not use the WARC Bands ( 30M, 17M and 12M )

070 Club Recommended PSK31 Frequencies

The introduction of FT8 digital mode, particularly in the 17m band, has made it necessary to reevaluate our recommended frequencies for 070 Club PSK31 activities.  Here are our recommendations as of March 30, 2019.

160m 1.807 MHz

80m  3.580 MHz

40m  7.070 MHz

30m 10.140 MHz

20m 14.070 MHz

17m 18.097 MHz

15m 21.070 MHz

12m 24.920 MHz

10m 28.120 MHz

6m 50.290 MHz

Please note: Operating frequencies and emission type are controlled by both the ITU and the regulatory agencies of the Country of operation.  Permitted frequencies for PSK31 mode may vary from those listed above. Always make sure your operation conforms to the regulations for the location from which you are operating!

FT-4's introduction is just going to exacerbate things, I'm afraid. It may be that we have to co-exist among them for now, as there's just not much room on 30m.<> suggests (in addition to 10.140 for PSK-31) 10.130-10.132.5 for PSK-31, so maybe give that a try.

I'm not sure why they even have designated frequencies on WARC bands considering that it's specifically designed as a mode for contesting, at least from my understanding.

Wherever else you try, just be sure to communicate and coordinate your frequency with others on the reflector in order to maximize the odds of finding a partner at a "new home" on the band.

Hope that helps...

Matt King
AK4MK - 070 #1708

Originally posted on May 1, by Matt - AK4MK , as message #59819 with new suggested freq for 070 Club.

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