2020 RC3 Standings now current

stan W9SMR

Our hard working "new management team" has been making great progress and here is an example. Special thanks to Jim, K5SP; Steve, W3HF and David, K9DWR.

Check out the RC3 Rollo Cup Contest Championship 2020  Leaderboard standings at:  RC3 - Leaderboard

This Leaderboard is current through the result of all 070 Contests so far in 2020 including the PSKFest, Valentine Sprint, St. Patrick’s Day Contest and the 31 Flavors Contest in April. Here are current top-ten standings:

Rank   Call         Total Points

1          N5SLY         475.40
2          KC3FL         417.93
3          N3XL          340.21
4          K5SP          334.97
5          KR4U         330.80
6          NN9K        326.3
7          KF3AA       320.4
8          W9SMR     319.70
9          W3HF        272.60
10        KA5VZG     259.88

And it looks like a “shoot-out” looms during the TDW Three Day Weekend Contest, as the first place Lee, N5SLY and second place John, KC3FL, RC3 Leaders are signed up as Bonus Stations.

Check out your own standings on the Leaderboard before and after the TDW. This will give us all some really exciting challenges for Top Dawg honors.

Take the challenge. See you on the waterfall!



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