fldigi & N3FJP setup - solved!


A working solution for the 070PSK31 contest - W4GHV   5/28/20 2PM    whew. 6 hours early
Using N3FJP WAE contest logging program
Using fldigi Generic Contest settings
No matter what its settings are in the Text Capture Order, the first mouse click on the CALL works, but the second one on a serial number (member number in the 070PSK contest) goes into the EXCHANGE box!
However if you RIGHT click on it INSTEAD and select S/N it goes into the S/N box and on to N#FJP logger OK!    
I found that the fldigi settings seem to disappear when you goof. Also I THINK exit and restart helps for it.
I sure hope there is a big turn out, since I've spent DAYS conquering this.
C U tonight at 8PM
Frequencies in case you are interested
070 Club Recommended PSK31 Frequencies
160m 1.807 MHz
 80m  3.580 MHz
 40m  7.070 MHz
 30m 10.140 MHz
 20m 14.070 MHz
 17m 18.097 MHz
 15m 21.070 MHz
 12m 24.920 MHz
 10m 28.120 MHz
 6m 50.290 MHz
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73, Bo W4GHV since '54

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