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I wrote him a very polite and carefully worded email when this debacle started several years ago.  (For the record, I work for the Department of the Air Force and write correspondence for Colonels and General Officers, so I know how to tip-toe around an issue.)  His response to me was basically to pound sand – he was the great JT – wizard of all modes digital - and he’d do as he damn well pleased, since PSK was SO 1990s.


You can give it a shot… maybe you’ll have better luck than I did -  but personally I wouldn’t pee on his head if his hair was on fire.







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Should we all email JT with a civil and polite request to not use psk frequencies?  


Emphasize civil and polite.  Don't want a flame war.  We should take the high ground.


Or would this cause more problems?


Something to ponder.







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Figured that. Not a big priority for ARRL with them being quarantined.


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Jerry -


It's not Lee's fault--he just copied the ARRL web page at:



That still says "Official Observer Program" as of 2320z today. But the link to the OO program is broken.



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Your information seems to be slightly out of date because there is no longer an Official Observer program. It was dropped over a year ago in favor of a newer monitoring program headed by Riley Hollingsworth which is supposed to be tied closer to the FCC. I was an Official Observer until the program was dropped almost without warning. There were about 750-800 OOs and I have no idea how the new program is functioning or with how many hams involved.

As far as complaining to ARRL, I believe complaints will fall on deaf ears because they see FT-8 as the wave of the future and have jumped on the band wagon. Many of my DX friends (also ARRL members) have jumped headlong into FT-8. Am sure many complaints were filed with ARRL when AM was replaced by SSB back in late 50s.

Jerry n9avy

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Hello Guys,


   I've been following this thread, because of my concern with these ignorant irresponsible disrespectful FT8 operators, who think they can operate anywhere in the digital hf bands.   In my opinion, I would flood Dan and Steve 's email boxes with your concerns, since these guys are paid employees for the League.  You can even call them direct to speak your concerns, so things do not get misinterpreted via email.  Here is a copy off the League's website regarding the Regulatory Group.  Tell them you want this researched thoroughly and you'd like to get some resolution within a week.


The ARRL Regulatory Information Branch is responsible for interpretations of Amateur Radio regulatory issues. These include:

  • Concerns about FCC rules and regulations,
  • Applications for a new or renewed amateur licenses,
  • Changes of address
  • Vanity call sign applications and operations overseas

RIB staff maintain and administer:

Answers to most of your regulatory concerns can be found on these pages or you may contact us for additional information.

Additonal Resources

The ARRL recommends the following publications on regulatory topics:

  • Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur by Fred Hopengarten
    Everything you and your attorney need to know to obtain a permit for your antenna support system.

Contact Us -- ARRL HQ Regulatory Staff

Dan Henderson, N1ND

Tel: 860-594-0236
E-mail: reginfo@...
Fax: 860-594-0259

Administrator, ARRL Volunteer Counsel and Volunteer Consulting Engineer Programs.

Duties include:

  • General regulatory questions
  • RFI regulatory information
  • Antenna restrictions
  • International operating

Steve Ewald, WV1X

Tel: 860-594-0265
E-mail: wv1x@...

Field and Regulatory Correspondent, Coordinator: Amateur Auxiliary to the FCC, Administrator: ARRL Monitoring System

Duties Include:

  • Handling of matters with an existing or potential enforcement issue
  • Spectrum management (band sharing, frequency coordination information, etc)
  • Backup of general regulatory inquiries


Amateurs occasionally ask for ARRL General Counsel to assist with a problem or question. Please note that ARRL's counsels are not employees of the ARRL but are retained to provide services to the ARRL Board and are not available to provide legal advice to ARRRL members. Questions requiring a legal opinion can be asked of an ARRL Volunteer Counsel in your area.


Volunteer Counsel Program

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the...


Good Luck!   Something has got to be done about these FT8 jackasses taking over HF digital frequencies.




  Lee KB1NAL





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