Mike W4BZM

(This is probably a stupid question, but I'll bet someone in the club has the answer.  I'm not proud, so...)

Question:  Is there a good way to flag 070 members during the upcoming TDW event?

I'm runing Fldigi 4.1.09 for PSK-31, coupled to N3FJP's Amateur Contact Log 6.6 for logging purposes.  Fldigi is in CAT control and communicates with ACL via TCP API.   When I double click on the station call in the Fldigi receive window, the station info from automatically populates the ACL windows.  ACL has a Watch List function that is supposed to provide an alert when a call on the watch list pops up; however, that doesn't seem to be functional when I have tried to test it.  

1.  Can anyone help with the seemingly non-functional ACL watch list?

2.  Assuming that #1 is resolved, is there a way to load the ACL watch list from the list, other than manually typing in every PODxS member's call sign?

Note:  I'm only five QSOs away from LONP, and during next weekend's TDW I'd like to concentrate my search on stations that are PODXS members but which I have not logged.  I can generate an Excel spreadsheet to help, but that's either a paper look-up or yet another window open on an already-crowded set of screens.

I know it's likely that only PODXS members will be calling "CQ TDW" and ACL will then flag any never-worked contact as "new", but there is always the 070 member that will just call "CQ" and I'd like to catch those, too.

Any suggestions (other than reverting to an unfamiliar program at this late date) would be appreciated.

Mike W4BZM

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