Re: Down but not out!

Jerry N9AVY


You may be correct in assessing the problem. THe TS-570 does have a battery and my best guess would be that is the problem. Several years ago I had similar problem with my TS-850SAT and it went screwy.

Replacing battery solved the problem. There a several instructions and videos on the net about replacing TS-570 battery. This may very well be a quick fix !

Jerry n9avy

On Friday, May 22, 2020, 06:14:53 AM CDT, John Kirby <n3aaz_qrp_1@...> wrote:


Some Kenwoods  (my TS690S for example) have a mercury battery to keep memory alive. Mine is a CR2430, about the size of a US quarter, with solder tabs, located d-e--e---p  behind front panel.  Been several years since I did a lobotomy, but, full instruction on the www.

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