Re: 2020 e-skip season soon!

Richard Rohrer

Hi Rick,

Will be looking for you on 6 when you get your antenna.  I have mixed feelings on the hexbeam.  Sometimes it does the trick on making the contact and sometimes my wire antennas are better.  My hex is only up about 28 feet so that is not the optimum height.  One of my friends in MD that has one up about 60 ft told me not to expect miracles with it, but it does null out some of the signals.  One of the criteria when we purchased the house was we could keep the RV on the property and there were no antenna restrictions.  The only county restriction is that towers are limited to 80ft and have to be in the back yard. 

Dale and I were in high school back in the 60's in upstate New York.  The electric shop teacher got the school system to purchase a NC303 and Johnson Viking Invader 2000 for the radio club along with a novice station and 6 and 2mtr Clegg am transceivers.  It was really nice being a poor high school student and get to operate first class equipment.  Made my ARC5 receiver and home brew transmitter look kind of sad, hi hi.    A group of us purchased surplus transceivers from WWII tanks, but when we got them they must have been made for tanks going to Russia, since the controls were all in the Cyrillic alphabet.  We did finally figure out what each control did and had 20 watt am HF transceivers.  We enough musing, I guess I should turn on the radio and check the bands. Have not seen much psk activity when I have checked.  

Dick - KC3EF

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