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Dan Morris - KZ3T

Don’t think we need to have/use a Zoom meeting place.  I would suggest either keeping the chat room or modifying it to be somewhat similar to the SKCC chat room.
Easy to see on the right side all who is on ( does not show that easily) and be able to chat, set skeds, etc in the middle part.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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On May 16, 2020, at 10:26 PM, N9JCA Chris Matthews <chris.n9jca@...> wrote:

To ALL 070 Members

Steve W3HF and I N9JCA,have been ironing a few this out.

Would the Membership like to have the added use of a Chat Room from a Zoom Meeting Place, or just use the 070 Chat Room from the .io Group Website?

If you want to check out the SKCC Chat site first, just to see what I'm talking about, that's great, the setup here would be about the same.

If you've never used a Zoom Meeting Place:

You can Chat with Audio and Video

See who is Checked In etc

You'd then be able to setup Skeds to collect your needed 070 Certificates etc

If you'd like for this to Happen, You would have to Download Zoom ,from their Website, and Install it on your Computer. There is a Version for Linux, Apple and Windows. Use a Login I.D Number and a Password Window

This Zoom Meeting Place will be setup on a Linux Box, a Dell Optiplex 3820, 500GB HDD,16GB Memory.  If that Computer isn't "fast" enough, I do have a Tower with 1TB HDD and 32GB Memory,another Linux Box, at my Home; and there will be availability for 100 People at a time. If I can, I'll try and run it 24/7; there are other Options as well, and we'll cross those in due course.

I'll let everyone think about it, and I'll get back to you next w/end, Please send me your feed back as to a Yes or a No; to know whether or not, you would like it to be an added addition for the 070 Club

Chris N9JCA



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