Re: Chat Room Availability

Stephen Melachrinos

I'd like to ask a fundamental question: Have people tried the chat room and found it deficient? Or is it just that no one (including me) seems to remember that it's available? After the last interchange, I discovered that I had bookmarked it in my browser the last time it came up, but never think of using it.

Yes, I've heard of Slack, and I've even used Zoom. And nothing against either of those platforms, but everyone on this reflector already is on I'll bet that no other platform already has a 100% penetration among our group, so there will be effort in getting people to sign up, and some never will. Before we start suggesting that people create new accounts and/or download new software, let's evaluate what we have. And if it doesn't meet the needs of the group, then we can look elsewhere. 


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