Re: Self Assigned Callsign Indicators, Yes or No?

Richard Rohrer

Hi Eric,

I would also echo Rick's comments.  When I started my mobile/portable adventures I had two new certificates generated.  When operating mobile or portable I put the grid and state I am operating from in the comments section my logging program as a reminder of where I was when the contact was made.  Later I generate the adif and upload to Lotw using the station location I had setup.  The only problem I have encountered is that I cannot figure out how to automatically download those contacts back into my log after they are processed by Lotw, but since I don't make more that a couple of dozen contacts I usually go and look at them on the Lotw page and manually update the log.  

I have tried various methods of doing the same with eQSL and have found it to be very cumberson, so I gave I up and just use KC3EF without any other designator.  I like the fact that I can delete a Lotw station location when I am done with it, but eQSL ones live forever.  I find that some people use both, but a lot of non-North American ops us eQSL. 


Dick - KC3EF

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