Re: EQSL Rejects


I was a long time SWL (since 1964, AMBC 1961) as well and have a few QSL's from Hams before I got my license.
The point I was trying to make was that my QSO was spotted on a public internet source. You can't verify it was legit.
Since 3/4 of my QSO's are CW or Digital, it leaves little opportunity I will see one in the foreseeable future. I don't operate from a rare state, county or country, except for maybe Europe.
If I get one for an un-posted Phone QSO, I will QSL in a heartbeat.
So far the oddest reception I have QSO'd before, was my reception in Arizona of a 10-Meter 200 MW WSPR beacon. His antenna was an end-fed 1/2 wave on a Bamboo pole stuck out of his apartment in Germany!!!!
I received his signal and was posted by me. Now that's legit :)
All about verifying ... always glad to QSL by any method when wanted.
73 Art K7DWI #2518

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