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On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 08:45 AM, K7DWI Art wrote:
Make that too, to or two.
I moved to Southern Oregon from central Arizona last summer and got a couple of antennas up in August.
The XYL and I found our dream home, but it is stuck up next to a hill 650 feet higher to my East.... and a larger mountain behind it.
Welcome to the PNW and even better welcome to the exclusive group of side-hill gougers.
I have had 14yrs of only pointing the antenna between 90-270 degrees due to mountains in the backyard.
I am at 1000'asl so makes a nice view for when radio is quiet.
Yes you will have to focus on OC es AS contacts and they are plentiful on 40M in the am, B4 8am local.
Have fun

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