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Jim K5SP

I am very humbled by the decision for my appointment to Executive Director of the 070Club.

I will do to the utmost of my ability to ensure the long term future of our club.  There are some daunting tasks ahead of us, and I ask patience from the membership while we sort out and prioritize the tasks to "fix" the website, and our ability to once again automate the membership process, contest scoring, endorsement checking, IOTA endorsements, and all the other great awards that are available to the membership.

Many have noted that our system is broken.  There are several factors that caused this, the main one being Google deprecating their Application Programming Interface (API) to our membership data that is maintained on Google Docs.  Over the years, there were many "hooks" interconnecting our website with the site hamclubs.info.  That site is not owned by the 070 club, and we do not have access to it.  The owner of that site has many scripts that run periodically, collecting data from our membership.  We do not have the source code for those scripts, so we cannot fix the API issue.  Also if that site should "fade into the sunset", we would lose all of our club automation entirely.

So, what are we faced with?  First, we must divorce ourselves from any utilization of hamclubs.info, and attempt to re-create all the manipulating/displaying of data onto our website.  This means that the all the processes for every membership application, every log submission for endorsement evaluation, every contest log processing, all awards processing must be recreated.  For the past few contests, we have had superb work performed by talented volunteers to ensure that the contests ran as smooth as possible, logs could be submitted, and results posted.  The membership and endorsement processes have been maintained (both processes are now "broken"), membership has been manually maintained. We want to get our website working once again.

Over the next few days, there will be teams put together, with specific tasks assigned. These teams will be published in a separate correspondence. Unfortunately the area in which the most help is needed, programming the automation of the site, is very short of talent.  Anyone with any experience in Python programming, raise your hands and join the team.  The website is using Joomla, if anyone knows anything about Joomla, raise your hand.

Again, I ask for your patience.  Remember that the people trying to work out the issues are volunteers, and most have full-time jobs that require their attention, and their tasks for the club are on a "as time permits" basis.

Thank you, and I promise every member that I will do everything possible to keep the finest PSK club, with the finest membership, totally intact.


Jim K5SP
Executive Director/Membership Director

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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