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Brian D. Karcher


Thank you for the update on the club. I appreciate all the hard work you and the other are doing to keep the club moving forward.


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Subject: PODXS 070 Leadership Transition  

As you all know our PODXS070 Club has been dealing with very serious website support and technical issues. Our situation is now even more serious with the resignation of Matt King, AK4MK, 070# 1708, Executive Director who led us through many trials in the past and gave us a great club with growing membership. We are also facing the departure of the Director – Technical Services, David Westbrook KJ4IZW/K2DW, 070# 1041. We owe a great debt of gratitude to David for the development of our Scoring backbone. With their departure, this missing leadership is now hindering our continuation as the Best PSK Club in the World.

A small team of dedicated members has been filling the gap and with great dedication, keeping us in business. Most apparent and notable has been the very critical and necessary technical efforts by David Rock, K9DWR, 070# 1604 in the role as Technician – Contest Scoring Support. In addition, Jim Innis, K5SP, 070 #483 has been coordinating critical membership duties as Director – Membership Services and manually approving critical new memberships. Several others have stepped up and kept us headed in the right direction. Most notable has been KC3EF, Dick Rohrer, 070# 747, who manually scored our Doubleheader Triple Play Contest.  Rick, N7WE, 070# 1602, and Steve, W3HF, 070# 25, have provided valuable insight and encouragement.

Currently there is a tremendous amount of effort needed to maintain the automation that we have all learned to appreciate.  We currently have a short list of individuals that have graciously volunteered to assist in any way their services can be utilized.  This has become a time when ordinary members will be needed to step forward and provide the much needed support for our survival.

Going forward, the office of Executive Director will be fulfilled by long time member and current Director – Membership Services, Jim Innis, K5SP, 070 #483. He will also continue as Director – Membership Services until such time as a replacement volunteers. It is his intention to organize the teams to return the operation of the club back to a high level, and, to keep this group informed of plans for recovery.

The role of Director – Technical Services will be assumed by David Rock, K9DWR, 070# 1604, in addition to his continuing as Technician – Contest Scoring Support until additional support can be found.

A special note of thanks goes out to all members who are showing great patience and understanding during this rebuilding phase. We have a long road ahead of us and your continued support and patience is very important.

Together we can ensure our objective of remaining the friendliest, most "professional" HAM club in the world and to continue to offer hams incentives to use PSK31.

Your offers of support to the reorganizing efforts of Jim and David are encouraged and appreciated. We request that if you are interested in the success of PODXS 070 that you send any suggestions and offers to assist to Jim at jinnis@....

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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