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Paula K7PAX #1739

Well, on the bright side, I have worked Alan several times from Washington state, (plus a few other Alaska and Yukon stations) and those in the eastern half of the country envy the ease with which we work Alaska and Japan from here. So there’s that!


Paula K7PAX, #1739


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I feel your pain! My QTH is in coastal mountain canyon, with a significant mountain across the street. I have an east-west corridor to work with, so it's America and the Pacific. Forget Africa, the Middle East or Europe. I do hope improved solar conditions will help that out. I do like PSK, but it's tough sledding right now. I was surprised how many contacts the stations made back east in the last contest.

Hope everyone is staying safe.

73 Alan WL7CG

On 4/23/20 7:45 AM, K7DWI Art wrote:

Make that too, to or two.
I moved to Southern Oregon from central Arizona last summer and got a couple of antennas up in August.
The XYL and I found our dream home, but it is stuck up next to a hill 650 feet higher to my East.... and a larger mountain behind it.
Since then, I find it impossible to work anything lower than 80 degrees azimuth. Europe is not in my future except for polar paths.
I have tried to make an appearance in a few 070 events. I have only made 6 QSO's, 2 to Alan in Valdez Alaska and 1 to JM7OLW.
I have heard a few others, but have had no luck. I run about 25-35 watts out at most.
I value my rigs and use the 50/50 rule.
So for the time being, I am giving in to the Evils of FT8 and accepting that it is easier for me to work around the Pacific Ocean than Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
Also I am learning about 12, 10, 6 and I hope 2 Meter propagation here in the Northwest. I was greatly disappointed when the 070 June VHF ended.
Maybe later on I will come up with a portable operating (I have a boat load of Mobile antennas) system and do some hill/mountain topping in the WIne (whine) Country.
I will try to be around when I can. Alan needs the points :)
73 Art K7DWI 070#2518 CN82

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