Re: Frustration


Make that too, to or two.
I moved to Southern Oregon from central Arizona last summer and got a couple of antennas up in August.
The XYL and I found our dream home, but it is stuck up next to a hill 650 feet higher to my East.... and a larger mountain behind it.
Since then, I find it impossible to work anything lower than 80 degrees azimuth. Europe is not in my future except for polar paths.
I have tried to make an appearance in a few 070 events. I have only made 6 QSO's, 2 to Alan in Valdez Alaska and 1 to JM7OLW.
I have heard a few others, but have had no luck. I run about 25-35 watts out at most.
I value my rigs and use the 50/50 rule.
So for the time being, I am giving in to the Evils of FT8 and accepting that it is easier for me to work around the Pacific Ocean than Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
Also I am learning about 12, 10, 6 and I hope 2 Meter propagation here in the Northwest. I was greatly disappointed when the 070 June VHF ended.
Maybe later on I will come up with a portable operating (I have a boat load of Mobile antennas) system and do some hill/mountain topping in the WIne (whine) Country.
I will try to be around when I can. Alan needs the points :)
73 Art K7DWI 070#2518 CN82

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