Re: Feldhell

Jerry N9AVY


Submitted my sad little score last night and didn't have you FH #. Saw you a few times , but your signal was always weak and intermittant copy; so, never got your FH#. Even going through member list didn't yield anything of value. Best copy was out to TX, AZ, NM , CA and WA... got a couple from OH & PA. This would have been a sad turn out even for PODXS.

What I did notice in going through the 6000+ member list was that there were far more DX than U.S. calls. Of the U.S. calls I recognized many PODXS members as well as some 10-10 members. It would have been more fun had so many PODXS members had joined the contest.

Just needed a break from chasing PSK signals and FH Sprint gave that to me. Must be getting bored because I was looking at SSTV signals on 20m !

73, Jerry n9avy

On Sunday, April 19, 2020, 03:49:56 PM CDT, Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...> wrote:

Hi Jerry, 

My number is 527 not quite a low as yours, but it will give you another 100 pts.  Usually don't see many low numbers during the contests any more.  Just a lot of 5000's and above.  Sent it during the exchange, but the qrm was bad when the contest started.  Had a really strong station just off your signal and the dsp in the radio could not null it out. 

Dick - KC3EF

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