Re: Ham Radio Deluxe alternative

Richard Rohrer

Hi Ray,

You don't have to use all of the other modules, just Fldigi since it has built in rig control and a logger.  My biggest problem with HRD is that I liked DM780 for digital, but did not necessarily need most all of the capabilities of HRD it's self, since I can still push the buttons on the radio, hi hi.  I gave it up because the program size, but since its hard to run DM780 without HRD.  I did run DM780 as a stand alone for about 6 months, but kept finding that I forgot to enter the frequency, etc, so the logging was not correct.  If DM780 had rig control and api for N3FJP logger I would use it instead of Fldigi.  I think that DM780 is one of the best all around digital mode programs.  In the Hell contest yesterday I ran Fldigi as my main receive program and DM780 on another screen so I could move around to see who the other traces were without moving my main transmit frequency.  The only problem I have with either program is neither will do FSK RTTY which I like to use in RTTY contests.  So I have to use N1MM+ for that.  So I end up using about three different programs for digital, hi hi.  Just my thoughts.

Dick - KC3EF

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