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Ray Clements

Ham Radio Deluxe is up to version That is a far cry from version 6.0 which admittedly had its share of bugs. The initial change from the free version of HRD to the paid version was not without some hiccups, but most of them have been resolved. 

Although I do not use all of the capabilities of HRD, I have found that it works quite well with Windows 10. It has been quite a while since I encountered a bug.

Personally, I never liked Fldigi due to the separate modules- fldigi, flog, frig, etc. I prefer the integration of HRD. But to each his own. It is nice to have choices.


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My suggestion would be to switch to Fldigi.  I use HRD for about 15 years unitl the 6.0 version came out.  I found it to have many bugs and be very bloated.  I had tried Fldigi before, but had not like it, but I made the change when I started running mobile digital and my computer at the time only had 32G memory.  There are some features of HRD, especially DM780 that I really like, but I have gotten use to not having them.  Just my thoughts. 

Dick - KC3EF 

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