Re: Ham Radio Deluxe alternative

James Wilson

Thank you. I figured out the issue and correct solution. I was using usb mode to see the full spectrum in digital modes.  Switching to digital mode fixed the issue but I could only see a small portion of the band. I searched and found a YouTube video on how to fix through settings and ultimately switching from nar to wide. Seems simple now. 

73 k6wrj

On Apr 18, 2020, at 4:21 PM, Steve R via <oldjavadrinker@...> wrote:

Go to DM780 open Program Options settings for Soundcard and make sure you have your Codec device selected for Microphone and Speaker.

Sounds like you have line in. This happens if you happen to open 780 without your COdEC or sound card running. Btw, the same thing can happen on JTDX.


On Apr 18, 2020, at 18:55, sagejw@... wrote:

I have used HRD for years but lately it's been causing issues.  Not sure it is HRD's fault but other programs work fine.  Right now when I transmit it picks up the radio microphone, frustrating, where as JTDX works fine.  

Can anyone recommend an alternative to HRD. 

Thank you
73 K6WRJ

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