31 Flavors scoring issues

David, K9DWR

As some of you know, there have been some oddities with scoring 31 Flavors this time around.

I’ve reviewed all the entries and there are several that show a start time of 1000


I can also tell that all of these would score better if the start time is

While talking to a couple people, I think I’ve nailed down what is really
happening here. It’s a combination of factors stacking up to mess up scoring.

The first factor is Local time vs UTC. There have been a couple cases where
difficulty in making sure UTC is used when uploading is throwing off the time.
Remember that all Club Contests are always in UTC.

The second factor is the default option for the uploader is the start of the
contest. If that isn’t changed to reflect your individual start time, it will
use the start of the contest, which is typically not what you want for 31
Flavors due to the early AM start for most folks.

I have already made adjustments for several people while investigating this
issue. I am making start-time adjustments for the folks listed above to
maximize their points, as I believe they are hitting one or both of the above
issues as well (some, pretty significantly).

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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