Re: Memership calls in HRD/DM780

Rick - N7WE

I had this problem in the past with HRD.  I can't remember exactly how I fixed it...and then something happened and the problem was back.  As I recall, it had to do with settings in both HRD Alarms and Windows (I'm still running Win7).  There was a combination that let the audio alarm work, but if any one was incorrect, then it didn't function.  I too decided it wasn't worth $50 to have help with it.  When it was working, I soon became dissatisfied with it for 070 work.  There were almost continuous announcements during 070 events. 

What I ended up doing instead was to use SuperSweeper and edit the Action: Colors tab to set different colors for Background and Text for 070 members. I use Lite Blue background for members and Bright Green for LONPs.  Then I set Text Color to Automatic for those I haven't worked and change the Text color to Red when I've worked them (both regular members and LONP).  That way when I look at the SuperSweeper waterfall, I can tell visually if a call is non-member, member, or LONP member and if I've worked them before or not.  It is a pain to set up going through all 2700+ member calls, but I've found that works better for me than the audio alarms.  Your mileage may vary!  

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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