Re: 7QP is coming May 2nd

Jerry N9AVY

Only grids I need in UT are DM 47 & 58, but have listened to QP last few years and never heard anyone in those grids. Probably won't bother looking during QP since many ops have gone to FT-8/FT-4.

Jerry n9avy

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Good opportunity for those looking for Utah Grids (or any other 7th call area). 7QP is coming up May 2nd.

Bryon Densley, W7RIV

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Subject: 7QP is coming May 2nd

We have an outstanding record touphold. Based on number of logs received last year, 7QP is still the 3rdlargest QSO party in the country and growing. All kinds of 7QP info isavailable at


Remember the Digital category orin mixed mode. Any digital contact counts 4 points! We can help out all thoseguys looking for Utah on RTTY or PSK. Suggested frequencies: 80 kHz up on PSK;86 kHz up on RTTY.  The Digital modesprovide another way to get more new operators with modest stations into theactivity on HF. Unfortunately, FT4 and FT8 will not work, the 7QP exchange notcompatible.


If you log on a computer,please email us a copy of your log even if you don’t care to compete for anaward. It helps us score the event. A convenient Web Form is available to pasteyour log into.


Suggestion: If you are not usinga computer logging program, now is the time to get into it. I suggest usingN1MM+. It's easy, it's FREE, and was used by 63% of all entrants last year. Evenif you are using another program to track your QSOs, DXCC, etc., you can easilyexport your log from N1MM back into it when the contest is over. Not only that,there are three other QSO parties that also use our weekend. N1MM is the onlyone that will let you log their exchange as sent. You can then enter these bysending your log to them. It helps us and them too.


Talk it up when you can. Yoursupport and enthusiasm for this event is the backbone of the participation in Utah.And remember to put May 2nd on your wife’s calendar so you don’t getpre-scheduled.

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