Re: Grids - and kind of OT

Richard Rohrer

HI Rick.

Yes, I am aware of the overlay for Google Earth, but I really don't care for it.  Kathy gave up on drawing on the paper maps and went back to using one of the grid maps on the computer.  I would like to get a good overlay for Google Maps, but have not been able to find one so far.  Kathy liked your story about the RV, since she was the principal driver when we had our 36ft class A.  

Jerry, I know what you mean.  We were going over a pass in CO one winter and there was a bolder in the middle of the road, so we carefully went around it to the outside and I thought at least one wheel was in danger of coming off the road.  Since CO does not believe in guard rails, I guess the trees would have stopped us.  I did like the 8 ft poles that mark the road edges for the snow plows.  

Dick - KC3EF

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