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The year was 1958 and was on the way home from CA via LV and SLC. We were somewhere near Casper , WY and it was 2 -lane road under construction. Was sitting in back seat of 56 Ford admiring scenery when I hear my Mom screaming. Looked over right side of car and saw tires were on the 6-inch shoulder of road. Had a lot of faith in my Dad's driving, but that really made me nervous. Was about 13 at the time and really enjoyed road trips until then, but I got over that episode. Looking back it's almost laughable.

Still don't like narrow roads like I ran into going up Mt. Washington in NH.

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Nope, that's one we have never been to.  Looks like a very interesting site however.  Wish I could put it on my bucket list, but it will never happen now. 

Probably the wildest dirt roads (well - they called them roads) we navigated were in Grand Staircase - Escalante in UT/AZ.  That was before motor home days and we had a 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer.  Didn't have a radio in the Blazer so no hamming.  At one point the road dropped about 500 feet off the edge of one of the escarpments in a series of switchbacks about every 75 yards.  It was rocky, carved out of the side of the escarpment and just one car wide.  There was fool in one of those rental class C motor homes trying to come up the grade.  He was about 6 inches off the wall on the passenger side and the driver side of the motor home body hung out over the drop off.  The motor home couldn't pull the grade and he was stuck about 1/3 of the way up.  We sat at the top for a long time while he tried to back back down the road.  Many times it looked like they were going over the edge.  He finally got back down, and as we started down (4 wheel low), all we could see was a dust cloud as he hightailed it out of there.  If I remember right, we went about 40 miles that day in 10 hours!  But I had fun!  The wife...not so much so.

Sometime ask Barry - VA8GEM about the road from Plush, Oregon out to the Sunstones Mine.  He's done it and so have we.  We only did it once!

You mentioned that Kathy is drawing grid squares on road maps.  Don't know if you ever use Google Earth, but I find it handy sometimes.  There is a download to overlay Grids on the Google Earth map from OH2ECH.  I use the smaller 4 character version.  LINK   She might find some use for it.  Sometimes the planning is as much fun as the going!  Enjoy!
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