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On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 01:14 PM, Richard Rohrer wrote:
Hi Jerry,

We will be going near EL59 again this fall as we are going to Las Vegas for an event and then roaming AZ and NM and some of TX on the way home.  

Cabin fever has gotten to the xyl.  She is re-planing the trip we missed this month for next April.  She is putting grid square lines on all of her AAA maps now, since she uses them for trip planning along with the computer.  She is ready to go, but it looks like our next trip will be to our customer in MD to finish the work we were doing when this hit.  I have been keeping busy with radio projects and new antennas.  I also have the control panel for the MD customer that I am building on my screened porch when I get tired of radio stuff.  Also been doing a lot of yard work and we painted that bathroom since we did not have any plans for this time, except traveling and watching college gymnastics. 

Keep safe,

Dick - KC3EF
Hope all is well with you.
just chkd the log for EL59 es got a surprise
to find an entry. It was a /MM tanker going into port.
Looking fwd to getting one that counts.

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