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Some of us were working to keep food on table or had other commitments  which ham rado takes a back seat to.


Patience will eventually pay off.



Jerry  n9avy



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I'm also in a similar situation--a few states with only a small number of grids. To wit:


WA: the infamous CN98

ME: FN56, FN65

MN: EN28, EN38

NE: DN82, DN92

OK: DM86, DM96


Then three each in UT, WY, ID and CO; four each in CA and OR; five in AZ; and more than five in MT, NV, TX, NM, and SD.


Unfortunately I missed a bunch of the N7WE/m and KC3EF/m grids out west because I was at work during those daytime mobile operations. 




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We're in pretty similar circumstances Jerry.  I have 4 states where I only need one grid and 2 states that I need 2.  For me the frustration of seeing a call from the grid you need and not being able to work them, is right up there with repeatedly working stations that are only one square off that elusive one you need.  Like K8TOM - Tom, or W7PFB - Paul, both from CN97 when I'm dying for CN98.  I'm almost ready to offer bribes for them to go portable to CN98 - hi hi!

Then there is Team KC3EF/M - Dick and his pilot Kathy - who make /M trips and give us stay-at-home guys needed grids.  Maybe I can bribe Kathy into trying that 2-track "primitive" Talley Road into DL88 in TX.  No - don't have enough money.  Wonder if I could convince her that they are now paving it?  Probably not, and anyway they'd quickly figure out I'd lied when they got to River Road - which isn't paved either - but is an 'improved' road that leads to the turnoff to Talley Road!  DL88 may go down in history as the one 070 Grid that was never worked!

But chasing LONPs and Grids is a wonderful way to fill up these 'Stay Home' hours.  What would we do without Ham Radio?  And as W9SMR - Stan always says:  "Who has more fun than a HAM?"

Keep hunting and keep posting when you log a new one!
Rick - N7WE
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