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B. Smith, N3XL

Thanks for the tip on RSID. This is my first attempt to use RSID. I’ll be using FLDIGI macros. Below is what I have, so far. If any of you FLDIGI pros see problems, let me know.  I’m hoping that <RXRSID:on|off|t> will toggle the RSID off during the QSO. There isn’t anything I have seen in the documentation describing this. I plan to move the dial up in freq when shifting to wider modes, as suggested.  

Search and Pounce

Answering a CQ:               <TX><RXRSID:on|off|t><CALL> de <MYCALL> <MYCALL> <MYCALL> K<RX>

Logging:                               <LOG><CNTR><INCR><RXRSID:on>



Calling CQ:                          <TX><GOHOME><!MODEM:XXXXXX><NRSID:5><IDLE:5>CQ 31 Flavors de <MYCALL> <MYCALL> <MYCALL> pse k<RX>

Logging:                               <TX><CALL> RRR TU de N3XL<LOG><INCR> QRZ?


73, Bill N3XL 2722


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Using the RSID is a great  idea.  Just make sure if you make a contact to turn the RXID off during the contact because if another RSID is received while you're in the contact your rig might switch to a different mode and you'll loose the contact..

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