Re: Bogus Eqsls ???

Stephen Melachrinos

I have no proof, but I'm guessing that someone in Larry's family is replying to incoming emails on his email account with the bad news.

I've done some searching, but there's nothing that new in the local newspaper obituaries, and the only funeral home I found with an online presence doesn't list him. It's probably too soon for all that.


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It was actually sent out last night

Dan Morris

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Very cryptic message. No signature to let us know who is reporting.

It is April 1st, if this is not verified, it is a very morbid joke.

If anyone can provide verification that Larry us indeed a silent key, please do so.

Jim K5SP 

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What ????
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WA7HDZ  went silent at 3:30 A M this morning 3/31/20 May he rest in peace.


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