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Thanks Jim

Dan Morris

On Mar 29, 2020, at 9:19 PM, Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:

That file is updated automatically by one of KJ4IZW's scripts, as are all the files found on No, there is no response from him about fixing these and other problems.

I will look as far as I can to help, unfortunately,  I do not have access to that server. 

This is something we will work on when time permits. 

And that file is the one you need to download and manually fix for your program. 

Let me know if I can help!

Jim K5SP 

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Ok, well somebody is updating that file or are you saying it is automatically being updated??

Well, that is what I have been doing is manually making the corrections.  But what I’m wondering is who is updating that file cause I’m sure that David is not


Dan Morris

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On Mar 29, 2020, at 9:23 AM, Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:


That file is not our membership database (spreadsheet).  It is one of those files on that is generated by a script owned by David Westbrook, now K2DW, ex KJ4IZW, and we do not have access to correct it. David is no longer responding for requests to check/fix the scripts.

In the interim, you can download that file, edit the offending line by deleting, save the edited file, then upload to your software.  If you need help with this, I will do it for you.


Jim K5SP

On 3/28/2020 4:29 PM, Dan Morris - KZ3T wrote:
Jim, I noticed an error in the 070 database.  I find these errors every time I upload the database to my PSKExpress digital program.  It goes through and tells me if something is wrong concerning the formatting. 

Attached is a screenshot for you.  It is right after P070 #2715

Dan Morris  KZ3T  070-1065

I live to live for Him!

On Mar 28, 2020, at 11:56 AM, Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:

Please join me in welcoming our new member(s):

2736  Cindy  KE8JNT

Jim K5SP
Membership Director

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director
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Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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