Re: St. Pat's Soapbox--my view

Stephen Melachrinos

> Jerry said "070 contest can be whatever you want them to be.  It’s your choice. "

I think that's the point. Some people may want to chat a little and say hi to an old friend, or offer a welcome to a new one. The trick is figuring out when to say more and when not to.

I'd suggest that unless you really know the person, the decision should really be up to the one who calls CQ. He/she is the one controlling the frequency, and the responder should follow his/her lead. And here's where the exchange sequence (per the original message in this thread) matters. 

Peter postulated the following sequence of exchanges:

--Station AAA calls CQ contest.
--Station BBB answers either by sending AAA de BBB or depending on the contest just sends his call BBB.
--Station AAA acknowledges BBB (this is important if more than one station answers the CQ) by sending BBB and the required exchange, turns it back to BBB by sending de AAA or BK.
--Station BBB acknowledges the receipt of the exchange and sends his exchange: QSL exchange and BK or de BBB.
--Stations acknowledges the receipt of BBB’s exchange and moves on: TU QRZ contest.

In this sequence, AAA is the first to send the formal exchange. If s/he sends only a simple exchange (such as what's listed above), then BBB should reply in kind (only a simple exchange). But if AAA were to send something more like: 

N9AVY de W3HF good to see you again Jerry. 599 PA kn

then Jerry will know it's okay to say "hi Steve. been a long time. 599 IL kn"

The point is that the responders to a CQ shouldn't try to force their desires for QSO format on the one calling CQ, since they are (by definition) the responder. Although I'm usually one to use relatively terse exchanges (though not an absolute minimalist), I'll sometimes chat a bit with a friend, or explain what "CQ 070 TDW" means to someone who might want to join the club. But if I'm running in "terse mode" and someone else goes into "verbose mode" (and tells me everything about his station, including version of OS and what kind of printer is connected, and then sends best wishes to me, my family, my friends, my dog and my mailman) then I'll get frustrated because I'm wasting time when I want to make more contacts (even if they are few and far between). And since I'm the one running the frequency, that should be my choice to make.

(who may be rapidly approaching "old and crotchety" status)

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