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B. Smith, N3XL

I agree with Mike. Being able to mix contest and rag chew modes during 070 "activities" requires skill and is attractive to me.
73, Bill N3XL

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 1:56, Mike
<behrcave@...> wrote:
So how is a contest QSO on PSK-31 which minimizes information transferred any different from an FT8 interchange, which so many 070 members seem to detest?

Yes, we can be very efficient in exchanging only the required information and then immediately moving on to the next contact -- but that results in a pretty cold, impersonal contact, similar to the high-pressure contests on SSB.  I have yet to find my scores in 070 contests to be constrained because I took too long in making the contact; rather, it's a problem of finding another new station on the waterfall that I haven't worked yet.  So is it really such a crime to have a little fun with the contest, say "hi' to folks we know?  I'm not talking about exchanging station macros or taking five lines to say 73, but just being friendly.

I think our PODXS contests give us a great opportunity to recruit new members, and we miss valuable opportunities if we are so focused on contest score that we aren't willing to pause and explain/promote the club.   During contests, I often choose NOT to use the suggested CQ  because "CQ __ CONTEST" can intimidate non-members into not even replying back. Even during a contest, I'm always willing to start a rag-chew with a new PSK-31 user, ask him/her if he/she has ever heard of PODXS 070 Club, and start the recruiting process, even if that requires enduring a few macros.  I don't think that shift from contest mode to rag-chew mode clogs up the band for others, as I have never seen a full waterfall except perhaps on Field Day.  So I'd suggest we worry less about minimizing contact interchanges and concentrate on having FUN!

Just my opinion...

Mike W4BZM

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