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Jim K5SP

A little insight into the software issue.  The endorsement checker is not working, the contest checking software is having to be modified by K9DWR for every contest, the membership application software is not working.  (I am getting the applications, but, the approval is not working.) I am currently approving all applications by hand. So far I have been able to access the membership spreadsheet on Google Docs with no problems.  (Google is the entity that deprecated some of their Application Programming Interface (API) methodology.

The software error that is being generated is not a new one.  I have seen this exact error in the past, and it involves software not owned by the club, but by KJ4IZW (his old call, he has a new one now).  We do not have access to his scripts to attempt a "fix".  I am of the opinion that David can fix the problem, but he is incommunicado with anyone at this time.

The current leadership of the club is diligently working to "get everything back on track".  David Rock is doing an excellent job of making sure we have contest scorers available for each of our contests.  Software development is a slow process, and he does have a full time job that only allows him to work on club software on a part-time basis, and he does have other familial activities that take up valuable time.  Currently, we do not have the ability to provide the instant scores presented like contests in the past.  Other members of the leadership are taking the results provided by the new scorers, verifying the data by hand, and compiling the results which are given to the membership in email form.

We WILL persevere, we will get there eventually. Patience is requested from the members while the issues are being addressed.  Just like the current health issues worldwide, we will strive to overcome all obstacles, and the best PSK club worldwide will survive! 

Operate PSK, and have fun!

Jim, K5SP
Membership Director

On 3/23/2020 7:52 AM, Loren McCullough wrote:
Ok.  That's what I thought.   Just makes me wonder how many other endorsements have been affected by this glitch.

73, Loren

On Mon, Mar 23, 2020, 8:37 AM Stephen Melachrinos <melachri@...> wrote:
Loren -

No, the rules didn't change to allow PSK63 or 125 contacts.My guess (totally unsupported) is that this may be an artifact of the current checker "breaking" due to the deprecation of some of the GoogleSheets features.


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I haven't been active much on PSK lately, and I worked some over the weekend, so I uploaded my log to the endorsement checker.  Now I keep a fairly close track of my own IOTA contacts, so imagine my surprise when it is showing a new IOTA endorsement level for me.  when I checked some of the contacts, the are for PSK63 or PSK125 and I do not have the IOTA for PSK31.

Are we now allowing PSK63/125 contacts for our endorsements?  Just curious as I might have missed that in the communications

BTW, how are we doing with converting over to new software?

Loren WA3WZR

Jim,  K5SP #483
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