Re: St. Pat's Soapbox--my view



Well said, my friend! I try to participate in the contests as time and schedule allows. Contesting is FUN, also a good way to pick up states, countries, grids, counties, etc etc.

Friday evening was too busy with activities around the casa out here on the Left Coast for me to get on the air, but I was on for some time on Saturday morning. Only saw one trace involving the contest, and it was unreadable. Called CQ St Pat’s Contest for quite a while, hoping to make some contest Q’s and maybe pick up some of the final four states I need for my WAS PSK-31 LoTW. Alas, no takers :-(

Oh well, better luck next time, hopefully with better condx!

Praying all the best for all of you out there during this current crisis.

Be prepared, stay well!

Ken Campbell
N6PCD, 070 #801

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