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Jerry N9AVY



You’re most likely preaching to the choir here because most PODXS member (should) already know this.  Have said it over & over that contacts must be short and sweet (only required info .. which does not include eye color nor your dogs name).


This contest I put in a couple hours until my hands stopped working efficiently… left hand is the worst and it cramped up so bad I was in pain.  Guess my contest days are numbered.


Didn’t work any new LONPs; so for me contest was a bust.


Maybe if we all keep griping about contest behavior some may get the point, but I rather doubt it.  Wish I had a button on rig that when pushed would out and slap those who aren’t with the program ! 😊 


Jerry  n9avy


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From: Peter, NN9K #2629
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Subject: Re: [070Club] St. Pat's Soapbox--my view


OK I’ll admit it, I’m old, crotchety and the governor says I have to stay in the house! So you can agree or disagree with what I am going to say, but I have to say it!


I would bet that 90% of the folks operating in the St. Pat’s PSK contest have never seriously or semi-seriously contested and it shows. PSK is not a fast mode for making contacts but some operators make it even slower.


There is a rhythm in making contacts in any contest:

--Station AAA calls CQ contest.

--Station BBB answers either by sending AAA de BBB or depending on the contest just sends his call BBB.

--Station AAA acknowledges BBB (this is important if more than one station answers the CQ) by sending BBB and the required exchange, turns it back to BBB by sending de AAA or BK.

--Station BBB acknowledges the receipt of the exchange and sends his exchange: QSL exchange and BK or de BBB.

--Stations acknowledges the receipt of BBB’s exchange and moves on: TU QRZ contest.


A definite rhythm to the exchange is established and all the required information is passed in a minimum amount of time, acknowledged and everyone gets a contact point.


But what happens in this scenario?

--Station AAA calls CQ contest.

--Station BBB answers the CQ with AAA de BBB and sends his information.

--Station AAA acknowledges the information and sends his exchange.

--Nothing more is heard from station B!


So station BBB you didn’t acknowledge the report so you won’t be logged!

I had this happen several times in the St. Pat’s contest as well as in past PODSX070 contests. Station BBB all you did was waste my time.


Let’s talk about the Contest Exchange.

From the rules for the St. Pat’s contest—Exchange: Callsign, RST and State/Province/Country (SPC)   eg: “W9SMR 599 FL”


That is all of the information that needs to be exchanged. I don’t care about your city, grid square, PODXS number or eye color. Sending unneeded information just slows things down!


My two most hated words in a SSB or digital contest: PLEASE COPY. What d0 you think I am going to do with it???


I will admit that any more my contest participation is limited. Hard keeping BIC! Even though I rarely operate PSK outside the PODXS070 contests I do enjoy them, especially the ones with six hour blocks so as long as I am able you’ll see me there.


So agree or disagree with what I have written but as I said in the beginning—I had to say it.

Peter, NN9K


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