40/80m antenna

Jerry N9AVY

Looks like this one may not make it through the Winter.  The “temporary” alligator clips put on back in April have rusted and one of the stainless steel nuts fell off.  A couple of coils  (Butternut HFV-6) were also loose.  Should have done maintenance before it got cold.  My bad.    Biggest problem seems to be that winds this Fall have stretched out aluminum tubling at base and it’s a bit egg shaped.   Also, the formerly white insulators have turned black.  


If antenna fails this Winter , I may pull it in garage and rent/borrow a ready-heater so I don’t freeze while making repairs. Crossing my fingers today’s repair job will hold up.  The symptoms a ½ hour ago were the antenna seemed to drop out and lose all signals, but it’s working again now.


If worse comes to worse I have another vertical in garage , but it needs 2” mast to mount it and the silly 1 ½ “ current antenna is mounted on won’t work well  plus  ground here in yard is full of rocks and clay soil is like concrete especially when frozen !  South is starting to look better …


Jerry  n9avy


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