Re: ATA Contest


Hello Dieter - Glad to see you are up and about again om! Just in time for
the holiday season hi! Yes, the ATA contest was indeed a mystery. Erika
DL2AYL also mentioned to me the lack of TA's in the contest. She said the
same thing you did, that the very next day after the contest the TA's were
all back on the air as if nothing had happened, very strange! I have sent
email to Ismail TA7J but have not gotten a reply yet. BTW I will still honor
the ATA endorsement even if the results aren't posted as long as your log was
There is PSK activity on the WARC bands, but it comes in bunches so you
have to be there at the right time I think. The 17 and 12 meter bands have
been very hard because the propagation has been so bad, but as you can see by
the standings, Erika has managed to find the contacts! I don't know how she
does it hi!
Hope everything is ok with you es urs...73 de Jay N3DQU.

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