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Ray Clements

Personally, I find station macros and weather macros to be a complete waste of time and bandwidth. Band opening tend to be sporadic these days, so do not waste the opportunities you have.

I could care less which computer, operating system,  or software you are using. If it is 20 degrees F here in Northern Illinois, I do not really want to hear that it is 75 degrees in South Florida, or wherever you might live. 

If I am in the middle of a QSO and I start to receive stuff like that, I am likely to drop off the call without ever logging the contact. 
If you want to chat, however, I will gladly join in.



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Hi Scotty et. al. RE: Automating WX,
I use HRD/DM and I cut and paste into a macro from the NWS text forecast. Takes me 3 seconds, but I have forgotten to update and transmitted weeks' old WX! That's the problem.
I will be purchasing a home WX station and looking for a solution, so this discussion is helpful.

Kevin, K1KL
Hampton, NH
070, #2716

On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 1:54 AM Scotty W7PSK <w7psk@...> wrote:

I seem to remember one of the PSK programs (whether MIXW or FL-DIGI) would transmit a weather.txt file.  There was a way to download

weather information into this txt file.   However, FL-DIGI now does WX:XXXX, and in the place of the 4 Xs you put the metar weather

station you want to send data from.   Id rather download my weather station data to a text file and then send that.  And I remember

years ago we added a program that would do that.   But its too long. 

On 3/3/2020 16:31, K8TOM wrote:

I also use HRD and have used Ed, W4ELP's program for inserting the wx info into a QSO with the push of a button (or via macro).

It's described by Scott N3FJP here

The "bridge" program has quite a lot of additional function, to say the least, and Ed maintains it well.


Scotty W7PSK
Everett, Washington
070 #138

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