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Stephen Melachrinos

John -

Let me add my regrets and best wishes to your departure from the radio scene--regrets that we won't be able to QSO in the future, but best wishes for your new future. It's been my pleasure to count you as one of my radio friends.


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Good morning,
I was my pleasure to contact members of the PODXS 070 community and create friendships over the last few years. I enjoyed serving the club as Mail Boss for several years. As most of you know we moved from NY to GA last May and have had to downsize dramatically which has resulted in my HF & PSK days to come to an end - heart broken but that is how it goes.

Before I say bye to y'all and to the group I have some items which I would like to offer.
Kenwood TS 2000 S/No B2900051 - Owned by me since new. In excellent condition. No Dings etc From Non Smoking environment. Included Kenwood Mic, Power Cables etc and RT Systems programming software. $850 + $45 shipping.
Navigator Interface with TS2000 Cables (Other radio cables available from Timewave). $195 including shipping in con us.
KK7UQ IMD Meter included Wall Wart, Powerpole  lead manual. $55 including shipping in con us.
If interested please email directly at poppajohnbower@...

Any sale to a club member will generate a donation to the Club Mailing Fund.

God be less you all.
John Bower KE4JB

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