Grids - was Re: Bogus Eqsls ???

Rick - N7WE

Good Morning Dave-
Glad to hear you will be heading to Newfoundland - "The Rock" - this summer.  Beautiful province and wonderful friendly people.  Will you be making the trip in your RV?  Will you just be operating once you get there or portable along the way?  There are several grids in Maine that have hardly ever been worked.  According to the info Steve - W3HF - put together last summer, FN45 had only been worked by 29 members, FN56 by 52, FN64 by 61, and FN 65 by 2!  Personally, I need all four of them and would be very happy to watch for you and work you anywhere along the way.  Happy travels and be sure to post your plans here as they develop!

Rick - N7WE
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