Re: Bogus Eqsls ???

Rick - N7WE

I sometimes get new eQSL notices with the "Reject" or "Create" options prominently displayed.  Since I tend to be compulsive about uploading ALL my Qs to eQSL, it is surprising to get an unconfirmed. So I always look back in my log to check them out.  Often I find that the date, time, band info on the new one matches a log entry but the call doesn't match.  That leads me to dig deeper, and while some of them are just plain "not in my log," in others it is a case of the sender changing to a new call sign.  In that case, it too gets the "not in my log."  Don't know why anyone would 'update' their eQSLs changing their old call sign to the new one instead of just merging accounts, but some do!  Oh well, looking back through my log is always fun.
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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