Re: Bogus Eqsls ???

Jerry N9AVY

Eqsl at one time claimed that "bogus QSOs" were done intentionally and that is why they requested everyone check Eqsls against their logs. It's sad that there a few individuals who feel the need to "cheat", but it happens. Many years ago I knew an SWL who was caught cheating red-handed and the results weren't nice.


On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 06:58:28 PM CST, Stephen Melachrinos via Groups.Io <melachri@...> wrote:

> A lot of times I find that they are and have already been verified, but the other operator must have re-sent them with some thing changed, like time or something.  Don't know why they do this.

Dick -

My guess is that's an artifact of their logging program. They may have it set to "upload automatically all new QSOs." They might then update the QSO if they either find a spelling error ("Rick" instead of "Dick", or in the QTH, or something), and then the logger views this as a new QSO.

I doubt if the operator is doing it intentionally.



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