Re: Bogus Eqsls ???


When I got back on the air in Oregon this last August, I made a few FT8 QSOs to see id everything was working okay.
I am quickly learning that with a mountain to my east and northeast that it is easier to work Asian, Oceania and Australia than the Midwest U.S.
After a couple of weeks, I received 2 European SWL QSL requests on eQSL. Both requests showed who I had QSO'd with and the report I had sent.
After a few more weeks,  I have come to terms that I am not working Europe, let alone getting WAS anytime in the foreseeable future. I am only hearing California on PSK31 (but have worked Texas and Arizona).
I finally realized those 2 European QSL requests came off of one of the real time reporting sites.  Policy is no more SWL QSLs will be accepted and those QSLs were deleted. All my logging ADIF files are loaded to both eQSL and LOTW and are automatically checked off in a matching. 

Now I have a new problem. A recent Windows 10 update has killed my input device on a laptop. External microphone/line input does not function. Thank you Microsoft!!
I hope to get my tower up eventually with a new HF beam. Praying it helps or will have to go longpath or backscatter as the Sun gets active again. Also have a 800 year old mast for a 160 Meter sloper (Sequoia).

73 Art K7DWI #2518

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