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ALERT - 366 Chasers – FEBRUARY

Time to really focus on grabbing that illusive Leap Year Endorsement (February 29).

February 29th – Leap Day – only happens once every 4 years.  And there is an Endorsement specifically for logging a QSO on Leap Day.  It was first offered in 2016 and 198 members earned it.  This is the first chance since then to add it to your accomplishments.

That one date is holding back many from the coveted 366 Award.


Of our 2,730 members, only 44 have achieved 366.


These 7 folks need ONLY February 29 to complete Leap Year and 366 Endorsements:










Many, many folks need 2/29, and this is your last chance for another 4 years to grab it. It occurs on a Saturday (UTC) this year and everyone should look for a chance to get on and make that contact.

To see what dates you need for 366, upload your full log and check the "Online Endorsement Checker". In the "In Progress" section, click on "Target" for the 360 category and a list of needed dates will show. If you have a problem seeing that, please just let me know.


This will also give a big boost to the LONP chasers! Congrats to Rick, KA7OIY who uploaded the necessary 100 member QSO’s on January 26th to qualify for LONP. Good job!!


The next PODXS 070 Event is the Valentine Sprint, starting Thursday evening, February 13 @ 7:00 p.m. EST. Check the website for details: valentine-sprint-rules


PSK-31 Rocks!!



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