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Stephen Melachrinos

It depends on whether your separate calls have separate 070 numbers. The club's callsign policy ( addresses this.

Item #11 states that members who have more than one distinct callsign can request a separate 070 number if they so choose. If so, item 11 states "Note that in this case you must keep your contacts separate between your two calls - you can't combine them for endorsement purposes." Note that members are not REQUIRED to request a separate 070 number for an alternate callsign, but they can CHOOSE to. 

So the answer to "amalgamate or not" depends on whether the alternate call has a different 070 number.


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If I recall correctly, you should submit each callsign log, however, I suffer from  CRS  (can't remember stuff)
Jim K5SP
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This is a list of unreported call sign changes in the member data.  It is recommended that all members upload their complete logs to the endorsement checker to ensure you have credit for the new calls for LONP, etc.  

Jim,  K5SP #483
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I suffer Failing Memory Syndrome
I have a number of callsigns and can't remember if I submit
each callsign log or do I amalgamate into one log to upload.

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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