Re: Win 7 -> Win 10 Free Upgrade

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Also as a side note.  If you start getting that nag about your Win10 needing to be authorized, etc you can use your Win7 key and it should work just fine.  that is what I did and I get all my updates and do not get that nagging screen every once in a while.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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On Jan 22, 2020, at 11:09 AM, Ken Campbell <n6pcd1@...> wrote:

I’ve done four machines so far and all are operating well. The best upgrade path I’ve used is as follows:

1. Do a fresh install of Windows 7 SP1. Use a 64-bit version if your hardware will support it.
2. Do all Widows updates.
3. Install your office software. I prefer MS Office 2010.
4. Do all updates for the above.
5. Install the Widows 10 upgrade.
6. Install your printer.
7. Install everything else.

Don't expect everyone to agree with me. Just sharing my experience. Good luck! 👍🏻😁 

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