Moving to Win 10 & Digital Modes


After the update to Win 10 for the shack computer, you'll be able to tell if it is running at an acceptable speed once you've worked with it for a few days.  If you need to speed things up, Phil is right about adding RAM and checking your HD free space.  Both are easy and relatively inexpensive to upgrade.  Or just clean out the unneeded junk to free up C drive space.  If it's tight on operating workspace, every little bit helps increase speed.

If you want a HUGE boost in speed, install a solid state drive (SSD) as the "C" drive with Win installed.  You'll power on, blink and Windows is ready. Same for power down and most operations.  SSDs have become very competitive in cost compared to spinning HD units, and are much much faster.  You are unlikely to really need more than 1 TB of SSD capacity. Auxiliary storage, if needed can be the traditional spinning HD.  Based on my experience, but YMMV!


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