Re: Was Weird signal? - Now Audio Up or Down?

Stephen Melachrinos

Do you operate PSK31 with the audio up or audio down?

Depends on what I'm doing. 

- When the kids were asleep (when we still had kids living in the house), it was always audio down.

- When I don't want to disturb my wife, it's audio down.

- When I want an audio trigger when a new signal pops up on my waterfall, it's audio up.

- When I'm in a contest and it's the boring time when no one new is on the band and I start reading a web page in between CQs and I'm not watching the waterfall, it's audio up (and I need to remember my audio frequency to use the audio filter between my ears).

Most of the time now I keep it up just a little bit--enough to be able to hear the signals but not loud enough that anyone else in the next room can hear it.


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